I’m Kimberly. Instigator. Business Catalyst. Wellness Advocate. Mom.

I’m also a Holistic Nutritionist. Bullshit Slayer. Essential Oil Lover. Wine Enthusiast. Fitness + Food Fanatic. 

My main gig is over at KimberlyRiggins.com, where I whip solo women entrepreneurs businesses into shape.

But that is just one of my multi-faceted sides.

As much as I love talking business, there is so much more to me than strategies, money archetypes and profit pyramids.

Sometimes I want to chat about life. Share my favorite recipes, my obsession with fitness and how I opt for natural alternative solutions to improve my health.

That’s why A Damn Good Life was born.

If you’re looking for:

Then this site is for you. Welcome!

17 Random Things About Me

1. I was born in Landstuhl, Germany. My dad was in the army.
2. I’m obsessed with chapstick.
3. I have a sneaker fetish.
4. I have a BS in Psychology and an MS in Holistic Nutrition.
5. I’m seriously considering going back to school to get my Doctorate.
6. I love red wine. (And white. And champagne.)
7. I eat a square of dark chocolate almost every day.
8. I would start a dog rescue if I lived on a property with enough land.
9. My favorite essential oil is Peppermint.
10. I am a Lifetime movie junkie.
11. I want to live someday in Sausalito, California.
12. My dream vacation would be three weeks in Santorini, Greece.
13. I still believe in love.
14. I have a truck-driver mouth.
15. I used to co-own a ladies gym.
16. My all-time favorite fiction author is Jane Green.
17. I used to know all the words to the Wizard of Oz.

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