21 Ways to Get Your Butt Moving Today

How many of you know you should exercise but hate doing it? Have you ever started an exercise program with the best intentions but within days or weeks felt bored or lacked the motivation to continue? Have you ever used “I don’t have time” as your excuse of why you never exercise?

You’re not alone. Not everyone loves to work out. Although I know how important exercise is, and usually enjoy it, even I get the workout blahs.

The key for me is changing it up.

I hate routine and being chained to a gym. But I know as I age, if I don’t exercise regularly, my stomach starts to look doughy, and my energy disappears. Not fun!


So, below I’ve come up with 21 ways you can get moving without having to schlep your ass to the gym.

No more excuses. You’re welcome.

  1. Go for a stroll. Grab a friend, your child and/or your iPod.
  2. Turn on your favorite music and dance. No one has to know.
  3. Park your car furthest away from your destination. Walk the rest of the distance. I promise it won’t kill you!
  4. Grab your bike and hit the park or your local trails. Who knows? You might meet a cute biker.
  5. Put on your bathing suit and go for a swim in your local pool, lake or ocean. (To make it interesting, why not go naked?)
  6. Nurture your green thumb. Plant a vegetable garden. There’s nothing yummier than eating food you’ve grown yourself and digging in the dirt is no joke.
  7. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. To get a rock hard butt, why not take them two at a time?
  8. Pick up a jump rope. Let your kids join in.
  9. Mow your lawn. Put your riding mower away lazy bones, grab that push mower and go.
  10. Go shoot some hoops. It worked for Michael Jordan. Okay, so maybe you won’t make the NBA but you can pretend.
  11. During the commercials of your favorite TV show, drop and give me 20. Twenty squats, pushups or abdominal crunches. Yes, I’m asking you to put down that bowl of ice cream.
  12. Clean your house. (At least you are up and moving.)
  13. Play catch with your child. You may be nurturing the next Chase Utley.
  14. Grab a racket. Play tennis, racquetball, squash, ping pong, or for shits and giggles, imagine someone you’re annoyed with and swing at the air as if it were them. At least you’ll break a sweat!
  15. Take some dance lessons. Learn how to salsa, hip hop, belly dance or hell, try your hand at pole dancing. It’s much harder than you think!
  16. Hit the trails and take a hike. Nature is calling you!
  17. Grab a hoop. No joke…it’s a surefire way to get those hips moving, and it sure is fun to watch others try to master it.
  18. Try yoga or tai chi. Flexibility is so important. It is amazing what positions you might find useful. Wink. Wink.
  19. Pull out your roller skates or roller blades. Skating is a great way to tone those legs. Bye-bye, flabby thighs!
  20. Walk to the store instead of driving there. That way you can eat that candy bar without having any guilt, after all, you walked it off!
  21. Have sex. I’m serious. Having sex often can burn calories and tone your body. Woot! I bet you are all going to climb into the sheets tonight!


So, what are you going to do today? This week? What is your favorite way to stay active? Talk back. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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