Rapid Transformation Therapy: The Method

Rapid Transformational Therapy {RTT} is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results by combining the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapies.


This modality of hypnosis was developed by the highly acclaimed therapist, Marisa Peer and honed with thousands of clients over three decades. I was personally trained by Marisa in her techniques and became one of the first certified Marisa Peer Practitioners in the U.S., and I continue training with Marisa frequently to keep deepening in the therapy and techniques.


Hypnotherapy is the main method used to access our subconscious minds, which is where our thoughts, memories and long held beliefs are stored. We are all programmed at the subconscious level to think, believe and act the way we do.


That programming is a result of many influences including what we’ve been told by other people, what we tell ourselves, and all of our life experiences, both good and bad. Some of us have programming to be happy and successful, while others, possibly the majority, have programming that makes life difficult.


The bad news is that if we don’t actively change our programming, our potential can be crushed and our lives limited by our fears, insecurities, and limitations of our past. We must stop programming ourselves for a life of mediocrity by focusing on what we’re doing wrong.



The good news is that our programming can be changed and improved at any time. We can reprogram ourselves to overcome our insecurities, fears, bad habits, and any limiting, potentially destroying beliefs and behaviors we currently have so we can become as successful as we want to be in any area of our lives.


Through regression in hypnosis, we’re able to access the subconscious wealth of information of the events, stories and occurrences that created our beliefs so we’re able to understand the basis of where these beliefs we’d like to change came from.


Once we’re able to understand how these thoughts and beliefs were formed, which is completely liberating in and of itself, we can go deeper to change them and upgrade them. We can create belief systems that serve us and our vision for our lives.


So what does this mean?

It means that through hypnosis we can effectively work through the programming {old beliefs} as they rapidly come to the surface in order for you to process, understand, heal and rewire new beliefs and thought patterns that support you.

This Isn’t A Bandaid Method But A Lasting Solution To Create The New

Empowering Beliefs And Thought Patterns You Want.

If you think of your mind like a computer – we update, reboot and upgrade the operating systems on our computers all the time, but we don’t do this with the most important operating system we’ll ever use – our minds.


Most of us are running on inadequate, outdated and poorly functioning operating systems {mindsets}.


How old are you today? How old and outdated might your programming be?

You don’t have to carry the belief that you’re not enough or that you’re powerless to achieve the results with your body and life any longer. In the matter of one to three sessions, you can have the understanding and freedom to become the successful, vibrant woman you were meant to be.

I’m dedicated to helping you become the person you want to be, and when you’re ready, I’d absolutely love to meet you in my one on one sessions. You have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll change the world.

Ready to finally shake that old limited mindset and upgrade to your fullest potential?