Eight Weeks

One Damn Good Goal

With RTT To Shift Past Tired Excuses

Class Starts January 14th, 2018


Opens December 27th!

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What if you decided to bring to life one stellar dream of yours…

The truth is…you can. I will guide you to the finish line in this eight week course.

Together we’ll knock out anything that tries to stop you as you go for it, and actually achieve something so exciting a little wee comes out when you think about it.

Don’t shake your head {I can sense your hesitation}

I get it. In the past, you’ve tried to create an extra 5k in your business, to quit your death-of-a-thousand-wounds job and find one that excites you, to write that book you daydream about, to stop smoking and take care of your body, to be able to hold a conversation in français, to find an awesome man with manners and a bank account…


but then some where along the way you got derailed. You were told no or the fear crept in and you quit your pursuit, thinking to yourself someday when I have more time/money I’ll really do this.

The truth is…willpower alone won’t get you there.

Scientists now estimate that 95% of our decisions are made using our archaic reptilian mind, our subconscious mind {or unconscious if you dig psychology}. And most of us aren’t even aware of what those unconscious beliefs are…until we try to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

Because when you say…


I want to make six figures making art and painting while I travel around the world!


but your subconscious belief is that it’s noble to be a starving artist and charging more than pennies for your art makes you a sell out…


you will sabotage yourself from ever coming close to your dream.

Or if you say…


I want to start dating a guy who will treat me like a queen. will always be there and will be supportive of my dreams!


but deep down nice guys creep you out and make you want to run for the hills…you’ll go out on a few dates and then ghost him. Preferring that guy you met at the bar that says he’s going to leave his wife for you ._.


If You Don’t Change The Negative Beliefs & Patterns That Come Up On The Path To Your Goal,

You’ll Waste Days/Weeks/Months/Years Trying To Change & Never Get There


And that lady, is why I created this course.

In Someday School, we’ll use the power of RTT {Rapid Transformation Therapy} to change your limiting beliefs and excuses that come up while you’re actively going after your goal.

With this phenomenal tool, you’ll be able to understand WHY you’re holding yourself back or repeating a broken pattern, discover how it’s trying to help you and then CHANGE IT so that you release it and create a new empowering belief in its place.



Your Blueprint For Attaining One Kickass Goal

In this eight week program, we’re going to cover 8 modules that are designed to fast track you to ONE super specific goal.


This could be anything from dropping three dress sizes to making $10k more in your biz to consistently meditating everyday to getting your first paid speaking gig to moving from Chicago to Sweden.


One specific target that excites and delights (and kinda scares) you and would make profound difference in your life!

How RTT has changed my client’s lives…

“I experienced a tragedy when I was 21 years old and as a result I have done quite a lot of healing work. I did everything from therapy to energy healing, therapy and Landmark. In of all those modalities, I have never been able to uncover the originating moment where I decided something was wrong and I needed to be responsible.

RTT is the only approach that has let me identify and experience that originating moment, and release it by retraining my brain. I’m so grateful!” – Sara M.

“I was in a very co-depended relationship for 8 years. Through RTT I was able to better understand the events of childhood that contributed to that behavioral pattern. A few weeks post-session, I have already seen major shifts in my mind-set around my ex-boyfriend, but also and arguably more importantly around how I feel about myself.

My energy and attitude is up, as well! I’m so grateful for my experience of working with Lacey and I have already recommended her to loved ones in my life. Thank you for all that you are doing! <3″ – Ericka T.

“Lacey helped me deal with my life long feelings of worthiness. With a gentle, yet firm and friendly hand, she guided me to some long forgotten moments in my past that helped lift the feelings of not enough-ness I’ve been dealing with for ages. I was able to confront a huge source of this in my life with poise, felt more confident in my day to day dealings and even dropped a few pounds along the way!

It’s hard to put a finger on the magic that Lacey is able to create in her sessions. It’s the perfect combo of support, fun, seriousness and generosity of spirit that were the right mix to help me heal this life long issue. My gratitude toward her, and this RTT experience, is profound.” – Jessica E.

“Lacey and RTT were truly transformational for me for a number of reasons. My primary reason for reaching out to Lacey was in regards to a public speaking. What we uncovered made total sense and explained why I was a certain way since birth. …a number of other “issues” that I didn’t even realize were “issues” healed along the way. I realized I was “self-medicating” social anxiety with cocktails for even the most casual things that are commonplace in my life always needed a glass of wine first, and now that’s a secondary thought as I’m no longer afraid to show up in my own skin.

I also saw a pattern of sabotaging career, relationships, etc., if I felt that they would end up with speaking situations – no longer an issue. I also noticed the way I was perceived by others quickly pivoted. People were more receptive to me in daily interactions, as my own vibration was elevated across the board. I am excited to see how the speech goes later this year, confident that it will go great and no longer ​reliant on avoidance or alcohol. It’s been a huge burden, weight lifted, and I can only imagine how this will continue to positively snowball in my life.” – Katherine G.

“Lacey was a wonderful therapist. I have had no sign of my Crohn’s Disease since our session a month ago which is a miracle! I’ve tried SO MANY things to ease my Crohn’s and RTT is the only thing that has truly given me relief (and this includes surgery, medicines, eastern medicine, diet change and lifestyle changes!). I am so grateful!

I also have a much deeper understanding of why I have made a lot of life choices and am excited to change my future based on the findings from our time together! Right after our session I felt a physical weight lifted from my chest and stomach and I knew this was not a joke. I would highly recommend trying RTT- even if you are a little nervous!” – Jaclyn W.

“Lacey was so supportive throughout the whole process, from introductory call to RTT session to our follow up conversations. She is very clearly genuinely invested in her clients and their lives, and makes effort from an authentic place. Thank you Lacey!” – Leah B.

How This Course Will Catalyze Game Changing Results

The course details

rtt sessions

∴  You’ll experience TWO one on one RTT sessions personally with me.

Your first session will be during either week 1 or 2 to set you off on the

right foot and get rid of any thoughts that could sabotage your process.


∴  4 weeks later we’ll have a second session together to dismantle any new

limiting beliefs that have cropped up half way through the program. So this final

stretch you’ll be in a blaze of glory, not huffing and puffing to the finish line. Each

session is two hours long which means you get four hours one on one with me.

new beliefs

∴  With each RTT session you’ll receive a hypnosis recording to retrain

your mind to let go of an old, limiting belief and replace it with a new,

empowering belief that lasts. They’re absolutely yours to keep.


∴  During the one on one RTT sessions you’ll receive a 100% hand tailored

recording for you to override the block holding you back. For the two group

RTT sessions, you’ll receive hypnosis recordings for the topics we cover.

We’re going to take the e brake off anything holding you back lady. 

8 modules

Week One: Clarity = Power. Three step formula to win in 8 weeks

Week Two: Be Strategic. Get more done with less effort + your best actions to catalyze results

Week Three: The one technique that releases anxiety and overwhelm in less than 15 mins

Week Four: The most powerful rule of our minds and how to use it to your advantage


Week Five: Find your sweet spot: stay high vibe and in the flow while creating your kickass goal

Week Six: How to fast track your goal with this method of the world’s top 1%

Week Seven: Strategic thinking to give you the emotional edge & create remarkable tenacity

Week Eight: Train your mind to keep the momentum, work for you and be your biggest fan

groups rtt

∴  TWO live group RTT sessions will take place during week 3 and week 7

in between your one on one sessions. The first will focus on the fear of rejection

as that’s the first obstacle we face when we’re making big changes in our lives. I

will help you feel bulletproof in the midst of opposition.


∴  The second RTT session will be voted on by you as a group. That’s right!

The most requested topic will be covered in depth in week 7 so any last minute

self doubts will be turned on their head so you SUCCEED. In total, you’ll shift four

limiting beliefs during the eight weeks. Are you ready to ignite?!



∴  You’ll get weekly training videos where I walk you through a series of different

processes to: release anxiety and overwhelm when they come up, strengthen your

confidence, improve your time management skills so you get more done in less

time, overcome your fears, let go of excuses, get laser focused, keep your vibration

high, keep you accountable and on target, and your belief in yourself and

momentum towards your goal strong.



∴  Weekly worksheets to reinforce the lessons in the videos and keep you

on track to knock your goal out of the park. Don’t worry, the written work

will be short, simple and to the point so you keep crossing things off your



As to Qs

∴  During both of your RTT sessions, I will provide 15 minutes at the start of

each session to focus on any obstacles you’re facing, help you navigate any

barriers coming up and help you focus on what you can do to set yourself up

to win.


∴  I’m also available by email throughout the entire eight weeks. So you’re

supported the whole way through. That’s one of the reasons why the program

is kept to only 20 seats…so I can give you my unwavering support.

lifetime a

∴  Once you become a Someday School member, you’ll get lifetime access

to all of the materials. The modules, the videos, the worksheets, future live

group RTT sessions and their hypnotic recordings, all of it.



∴  Anytime you’re ready to go after another huge goal in your life you’re set up

to win. Every time I host another live round you can contact me to be added

on for the emails to keep you on track with the group. *Note: One on one RTT

sessions are not included for returning students but spaces will be available.

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Story


Stop waiting for “some day” and adopt a success mindset that shifts your perception so you can manifest and attract the miraculous into your life.


Discover how truly powerful you are by keeping your belief strong, energy high, and vision so clear that you are psyched to move heaven and earth to achieve your goal.


Feel like a badass when tired stories and beliefs are permanently erased and a new belief in yourself is so unshakable you’ll continue to crush your goals well after the 8 week course has ended.

Become Confident In Your Own Ability To Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To       F’Real

Your Adventure Awaits Darlin’

Reserve Your Space Before It’s Too Late

We start this amazing journey on Sunday, January 14th, 2018 so that we set the year off on fire and end on Sunday, March 11th.

Since this is a very hands on course with a ton of one on one time with me, there are only 20 spaces available.

So don’t wait to register. Once we hit capacity, doors will close and this incredible opportunity to treat this one precious life like the unbelievable gift that it is and go after your dreams like you mean it will be gone.

You’re Invited To


20 Ladies Take On 1 Epic Goal Together

January 14th – March 11th 2018

Exclusive Bonus Gift

Deep Sleep RTT Recording

To guarantee you stay full of energy, ready to perform at peak levels while you’re in this program {and really for the remainder of your days} you need to enjoy a deep, healing sleep each night. For many of us we’re so full of anxiety that our brain keeps us up all night.


That’s why I’m including a bonus RTT download to help you sleep through the night and wake up feeling restored. Because without the healing our bodies do at night, we’re prone to sickness and burn out. This recording will help you fall asleep quickly, sleep like a baby during the night, feel fully rested when you wake, and ready to kick butt on your goal.


Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program, please contact me.

Fun Facts About Someday School

Start Right Away:

♦ Once you sign up you’ll get two trainings sent to you right away so you can start getting crystal clear on what your ONE SPECIFIC goal will be once we start on January 14th. I’ll give you plenty of guidance to help you narrow it down, prioritize if you have lots of things you’d like to work on, and envision what you want your life to be like when March 11th rolls around.

Private Group:

♦ You’ll join your fellow badasses in our own private group to help problem solve, keep each other accountable and stay stoked on all your achievements along the way. This will be an amazing place to connect, rejuvenate and help your sisters on their journeys.

One on One Sessions:

♦ Our one on one RTT sessions will be held over Zoom, which is a free platform similar to Skype. Once you reserve your spot, I’ll email you my calendar so you can book your two RTT sessions right away and choose from the available time slots. You’ll want to to that FIRST before the best times are booked.

Who This Program Is For:

♦ Ladies who are ready to create something really exciting in their life and are willing to show up, take action, and do whatever it takes to produce the goal. Ladies who believe in the Law of Attraction and are open to try new things. Ladies who realize that their thinking and mindset creates 90% of the results when they take action and are ready to shift any negative beliefs to ones that serve them while on this journey.


You’re ready for change. You want more. And you’re going after it like you’re going to succeed and you want to be around a small group of ladies with an equal fire in their belly. You my friend are in the right place.

Who This Program Is NOT For:

♦ Ladies who whine and complain and see themselves as a victim to circumstance. Ladies not willing to truly set aside the extra time for eight weeks to accomplish one big, phenomenal goal by using their “down time” to really do this thing. Ladies who aren’t ready to do the work to create magic in their life.


Look, if you’re going after something new and outside your comfort zone you’re going to feel uncomfortable and scared sometimes. I believe we need to feel excited and in the flow while we go after our dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can float around in a pool all day with a cocktail in your hand and expect your amazing achievement to fall from the sky. You have to grow and stretch and take hell bent for glory action. Then, let it go and trust. If that isn’t you, then this isn’t the right program for you.

Refund Policy:

♦ If you decide that this program is not for you {prior to the start of the program} you will receive a full refund. I believe 100% in this class and space is extremely limited. So if you’re not 100% committed and excited for the growth you’re about to unleash, I suggest you wait to register until your gut tells you this is a must. That way you’ll have no regrets.

This life is not a dress rehearsal. Putting things off for Some Day…a day that may never come…is no longer an option. I invite you lady on a phenomenal adventure.

I’ve Got Your Back. All You Have To Do Is Decide. Let’s Change The Stories Keeping You Small And Create A Damn Good Life. Ready!? Follow Me…


You’re not meant to survive this life,

you are meant to live this life

I Can’t Wait To Welcome You In!