Whatever your past, I promise you have the power

within YOU to create a beautiful future

What if you could…

  • Change your mindset and start to earn your full wealth potential in your career, instead of repelling money from your life?


  • Kick your money blocks to the curb, remove the word ‘debt’ from your vocabulary and replace it with ‘abundance’?


  • Feel fulfilled and free from self-doubt and KNOW in your bones that you are enough and worthy of living the life of your dreams?


  • Confidently take decisive action each day and succeed in the most important aspects of your life – your relationships, your career, your income and how you feel about yourself – instead of second guessing your every move?


  • Stop putting off your ambition and start creating a career that lights you up and makes you jump out of bed every day?


  • Eradicate fear and confusion so you can quickly craft the life of your ultimate desires?


  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and overwhelm to become the strong, determined and driven woman leading her very own lucrative lifestyle?


Because there are two things that I excel at:

1. Removing ladies’ abundance blocks so you can make the money you WANT and stop repelling the opportunities that are around you


2. Unveiling your innate, rock star self-esteem and self-worth so you have the confidence to go after everything you want in life


{you were born confident…somewhere along the way it just got diminished}

Imagine in 2 months being able to excitedly tell your friends that:

– You’re no longer waiting for permission to get what you want. You absolutely KNOW you’re worthy of having everything you’ve ever wanted; the partner, the career, the freedom, the money... you know you deserve it all and you’re going after it


– You have rock-solid confidence in yourself and now you can walk up to the most gorgeous, successful people in the room with NO hesitation because you know you’re worthy of being with people at the top of their game


– You’re tackling the things that used to scare you and making huge leaps forward in your life. You’re systematically attaining your goals and totally over waiting for things to come to you; instead, you go out and get your dreams


– You feel like you’re here for a reason and you know that your worth is innate and ever-present. You love yourself for who you are, in the body you’re in, right now

You’re in the driver’s seat, rooted in your power and you’ll never give anyone the ability to take it away from you again

You’ve found the root causes of your limiting beliefs and uprooted them like the weeds they are. You’ve flipped the negative script you used to talk to yourself in {ex. I can’t do that, I’m not pretty enough/smart enough/skinny enough/talented enough to have that} and are now your own cheerleader, rallying yourself forward towards your dreams.


You know your life is meant to be lived and what it really means to live abundantly, with purpose and passion. All of your friends are completely in awe of the new you and they keep asking “Girl what did you do!? You’re practically radiating confidence!”


Your life has never felt so bright and full. You can’t believe this is your new normal and that you’re truly living the life you’ve always wanted! Aren’t you glad you called me?


{ Here’s What You Get }


TWO 60 minute transformational sessions with me (worth $600), where we’ll focus on ONE thing you wish to change above all else in each session. We’ll get clear on the limiting beliefs that are covering up your self-worth, inner confidence and knowing you’re worthy of everything you want or focus on your blocks around making the money you want


After each coaching session with me, you’ll receive a custom recording to rewire your sub-conscious to remove your limiting beliefs and reinforce your new empowering thoughts and beliefs (absolutely priceless)


One week after each session you’ll get a 15 minute follow up call with me to answer any questions about new things that may have come up after our session (worth $150)


A lot of things are going to come up in our sessions together…some things you may have completely suppressed. The workbook will help you to understand the meanings you’ve been attaching to these events in your life and how those labels have been holding you back (worth $100)

{ How It Works }

1. After you sign up, you’ll get access to my calendar and be able to book your two coaching sessions with me. They will be one month apart so that you can listen to your personalized therapy session to completely eradicate your limiting beliefs and rewire in your new empowering beliefs before moving onto another subject you’d like to knock out.

2. You’ll receive a confirmation email with details about your two sessions with me, along with your workbook to learn more about what we’ll be doing together. If you need to reschedule for any reason, please email me at info @ projectexceptional.com at least 48 hours before our call and we’ll find another time that works for you.

3. Three days before our session together you’ll be emailed an intake form asking what specific issue you’d like to shift. It’s entirely up to you what we focus on in each session.

4. We get to connect for 60 minutes via video and get to the root of your limiting beliefs and rewire your subconscious mind to change them into the superstar beliefs you want. I do this using regression and hypnosis to discover the events that caused the negative thought patterns/behaviors and develop a tailored remedy for you on the spot to flip the negative programming on its head and give you the abundance mindset you were born with.

5. After our session, you’ll get a custom recording of your tailored remedy to listen to for a minimum of 21 days. Our session creates the positive change immediately and the recording rewires your neural pathways to make this new way of thinking permanent.

6. One week after our video call together, you’ll receive a 15 minute call with me to see how things are progressing and if you have any questions about new memories or beliefs that may come up. {Often there will be epiphanies for weeks after an initial session.}

7. You’ll get an email from me asking what you’d like to work on in our second session together a few days before we meet. We can continue to work on the same limiting beliefs as before if you feel you’d like to go deeper or we can shift to a different thought pattern or behavior you’d like to change – it’s totally your call.

{Typically a negative pattern can be shifted in a single session, but it can take up to three sessions depending on the client. I’ve created an example list of the many things that can be shifted using hypnosis which you can see here.}

8. We meet for our second session together where we again deep dive into the events that created your unwanted belief or action. An intensive self-exploration and rewiring takes place in these 60 minutes with a remedy to transform those behaviors.

9. Your second custom recording will be emailed to you which you will listen to for a minimum of 21 days to rewire your thought patterns to work for you.

10. One week after our second session we’ll again meet over the phone for 15 minutes to go through anything else that’s come up, is shifting or you’re experiencing so you create the lasting change you’re looking for.

Why Should You Invest In My Program?

Here’s the truth:

No one has to change their limiting beliefs around money and/or your self-worth. And if you’re not painfully aware that you’re capable of so much more in your life – I’m not the right girl for you. Because once you sign up, I’m 100% committed to helping you get tangible results in your mindset, beliefs and thought patterns.

This is for those who are not afraid about investing in themselves because they know that becoming a new version of themselves is what it will take to reach their goals. It’s for those who decide that getting support for what they desire is worth it because they’re worth it.  It’s for those who are ready and willing to do the work required to be their best and serve at their highest.

You get out what you put in:

No one can make you shift, transform, change or grow if you’re not willing to show up fully and do the work. That said, I am here to help you shift out of self-destructive thoughts, patterns and stories that hold you back from being the amazing woman you know you are so you can create the confidence, self-worth, and money you desire. With your full responsibility and my full support, you can change in ways you never thought imaginable incredibly quickly.

You’re committing to yourself:

This is not about worrying what anyone thinks or living in fear of judgment. This is about committing — whole heartedly — to yourself. This is about making a decision that you’re no longer willing to settle for less than you’re meant for. This is about deciding that you’re with yourself forever, and you’re over the thoughts that you’re not worthy of having the life you want.

Your Investment

$499 one time payment*


(value of $850)

*Note that space for this discounted offer is limited to 20 seats


Do you offer refunds?

Because this is a one on one program with me and my time is very limited, I do not offer refunds. So if you’re not 100% committed to up leveling your belief in yourself, I urge you not to apply. I only work with women who are absolutely READY for change.

Can I book a single session?

Just want to get started with one 60 minute session? No problem. Simply click here.

How do we connect for our sessions?

I will send you the information for my Zoom meeting that you can connect to via computer or phone.

Who are these sessions for?

This program is for driven, passionate women who know that there’s a reason they’re not going after the things they want in life. This is for women with mindset blocks holding them back from what they desire and want to shift it quickly.

This is also ideal for women who have already gone through coaching and read heaps of self-help books around their limiting beliefs and haven’t been able to achieve results in shifting their subconscious thoughts. This is unlike anything else you’ve tried and you’ll see massive results!

What if I need to reschedule one of my sessions?

All you need to do is email me at info @ projectexceptional.com within 48 hours of our call together and we’ll reschedule our session within the next two weeks. Because I value your time and mine, any requests made within 48 hours of our session to reschedule will not be accepted.

I’m a dude. Will you work with me?

Absolutely. While most of my clients are women, I’m more than happy to help guys shift their limiting beliefs. We need more lit up men in the world!

I don’t believe in waiting for happiness – I’m all about seeing

fast results in your life and compressing your timeline to

self-worth and success

You’re not meant to go it alone in life and you don’t have to try to fix everything on your own. You can stop hoping that you’ll be able to become more confident in yourself and get over your crap about making money at some point in 2017.

It’s possible for you to turn your life into one of unimaginable happiness and uproot anything that’s preventing you from feeling like a total badass.

Are you ready to transform your life?